Curious about how this site runs?


Laravel - Source
The core of this site is built on a reduced version of Laravel. Although this site does not use a majority of Laravel's power, it does rely on the built in routing capability, and relies heavily on the framework's incredible templating engine. For more information about Laravel, and it's underlying framework, check out their website or their GitHub.


Sass - Info
The stylings for this site were built using the Sass CSS preprocessor. In an effort to keep filesizes small, each page has its own .scss file, which is imported by the main project file. All of the .scss files can be found in the assets folder of this site, which can be viewed here.
Bootsrap - Info
This site makes use of Bootstrap's grid and breakpoint system, and to reduce a majority of the "boilerplate" styling.


jQuery - Info
I use jQuery's selectors to isolate, and to add a click event to the hamburger icon that is on the mobile version of this site. I also use jQuery UI to add a drop/raise transition to the mobile menu when it is opened or closed.
jQuery Sticky - Source
jQuery Sticky is used to keep the menu bar attached to the top of the page when a user scrolls down the page.
Font Awesome - Info
I use a couple Font Awesome icons throughout the site. The most prevalent location are the icons beside the mobile menu links. The actual "font" is packaged by webkit into the public/fonts folder.
Google Fonts - Info
The two fonts that this site uses are sourced by Google Fonts. The two fonts are Raleway and Roboto Slab.
Rellax - Source
Rellax is a very lightweight parallax library, that is used on the hero images of each page to add a very suble parallax scrolling effect to the hero image.


Digital Ocean - Info
This site is running on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS droplet, which has been configued to run as a standard LAMP stack.

Still curious? Want to know more? Feel free to check out this site on GitHub! The repo can be found here.