ShortMail was a project that I built throughout 2017. ShortMail was built so that I could have a temporary email, but still use the same inbox that I use for my normal email. ShortMail is a service that will generate you an email address such as, and seamlessly redirect emails sent to that address to another email address. If you would like to see this project in action, feel free to head over to


DEEDRA was my first project that I built from scratch, made for a machining company in Decatur, Alabama. DEEDRA is a web application that allows the engineer team to track and manage electrical and mechanical drawings. Prior to DEEDRA, the team resorted to tracking the drawings' ID and information with a shared spreadsheet. DEEDRA was finished in January, 2015, and has been running since then.


HereBot is a bot written for the Telegram messaging platform. I missed the @here functionality that is offered by other messaging platforms like Slack, so I wrote a bot that would add similar functionality. It can be added to any Telegram group or channel, and will notify registered users when the /here command is given.


TodayBot is another bot written for Telegram. I enjoy hearing about the interesting holidays that take place each day without us knowing, so I built a bot that would allow users to find out about each of the holidays that are taking place on that day. The bot scrapes an RSS feed of holidays, and then returns them back to the chat where the command originated from.


SmawkBot is a third bot for Telegram. SmawkBot was meant to be a "fun" bot that I built for a group of friends. SmawkBot contains the ability to /upvote and /downvote people in chat, along with a couple other commands that were requested by some of the group members.


After writing several different bots for telegram, I became tired of having each bot try and spool up its own personal webserver when it would run on my server. Since Telegram only allows a certain ports to be used for bots, I knew I needed a way to control all the bots from one location, so that I only tied up one port. BotsController was my solution to that problem.
BotsController is written in Go, and makes use of goroutines to spool up an instance of each of the bots, and send each bot its requests as they come in.